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bangkok bargirls thai bargirls in the bars and nightlife of thailand

Thai Bar girls 101 - August Edition

Over the following months Bar Girls 101 will cover a few of the myths that have sprung up concerning these wonders of female engineering. Gleaning these facts has been a labor of love for the author, made all the harder by the fact that most of the myths arise from the mouths of the bargirls themselves.

The world surrounding Thai Bar Girls is full of these nightlife "facts". What we have done is supply a few of these and then supplied a counter argument that may prove it's not necessarily so.

Thai Bar Girls Like Older Men

One of the most common utterances of every foreign tourist after the object of his affection has assured him that she doesn't care that he's twice or three times or more his age.

This is usually backed up by her saying one or more of the following.

Young Men Butterfly Too Much.
Young Men are Irresponsible.
Young Men Like Too Much Sex.

Well far be it from us but the reality is somewhat different, anybody that has been to a few bar girls apartments will be able to see by the posters on the wall exactly where her tastes lie.

For those of us able to understand enough of the girls as they gossip amongst themselves the talk about "fat white buffalo", "old snake head" and the like soon dispel the nice ego massage brought on by the"hello handsum man" greeting you heard as you came through the door.

Unfortunately for people like me, as in nearer retirement than puberty, Thai Girls tastes are exactly the same as their counterparts in the west. An ageing foreign sex tourist is about "loves young dream" to a Thai Bar Girl as Chairman Mao is to her Teenage Cheerleader equivalent back home.

Therefore my advice is simple; take all of your young partners flattering. Smile as you hand over the "Taxi fare" for services rendered and don't give too much thought about the home life of the poor girl. I mean, why does she insist on calling a guy that has just had sex with her "Papa"??

Thai Bar Girls Don't Like Thai Men

Another Bargirls favorite this one, usually accompanied by stories of infidelity or violence. Putting aside for a moment the fact that the majority of these girls go home to a Thai boyfriend there are some other facts that seem to disprove this.

Boy Go-Go's are not solely there to cater to a gay clientele. In fact in the more Thai only districts they do a steady trade of off duty bar girls getting their kicks. Even larger venues are clubs such as Hollywoods on Ratchadapisek. Hollywood has a large number of male freelancers who work hard to keep their young female counterparts entertained. The latest Police Raid at Hollywoods netted 146 "poochai borikan" or male prostitutes.

It seems that our friends in the bars can put aside their distaste for Thai men long enough to pay a few thousand baht for a few hours in their company.

But Mines Different…

Shut Up

Thai Bar Girls Earn A Lot Of Money

One for the girls this one. For every Patpong Superstar clearing over 50,000 baht a month there are an unknown multitude that are lucky if they make enough to survive. These girls rely heavily on their network of friends to see themselves through times of trouble.

The so called Bar Girl network is a bit more involved than being something for passing on information about Farang that are butterflying or similar. This Network of friends and "sisters" look after each other at times when these girls have nowhere else to turn.

For this reason if no other try to be patient when your partner for the night is gossiping away on her phone with her friends rather than being enamoured with your ever word. Those girls will be there and part of her life long after she is a vague bar fine in your memory.

More Soon....

bangkok bargirls thai bargirls in the bars and nightlife of thailand

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