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Bangkok Nightlife

Thainite Bangkok Bar of the Moment

Our bar of the moment award in Bangkok goes to Suzie Wongs in Soi Cowboy. It doesn't seem that long ago that this bar was a run down dive that on a good night would have about 5 or 6 girls dancing on stage with a similar amount of disinterested customers sitting around.

Then Peter and Al of playskool Nana-plaza took the joint over and the transformation took place. Not only did they totally renovate the building but they exported the attitude that had given Playskool such a good name over to Soi Cowboy.

The Suzie Wong girls are now well known as some of the stars of the Bangkok nightlife. Not only does the bar employ some of the best looking girls in Bangkok but they have a fun attitude that makes for a fun time in the bar. Thainite highly recommends this bar so next time your in Bangkok don't leave before you've checked Suzie's out, you won't be disappointed.

Bangkok Nightlife- A Rundown.

The main nightlife areas in Bangkok are as follows. Closing times are all around 2am, there has been a lot of talk recently about Patpong being able to open till 4am as part of the new zoning regulations but this isn't concrete yet.

Nanaplaza-Nana Entertainment Plaza Location Sukhumvit Soi 4
Bts (Skytrain) Nana Station

Why's it called Nana Plaza? Because it's owned by a Thai Moslem family, whose surname is Nana, along with a lot of the Soi's and Sub Soi's all around.

Nana Entertainment plaza is basically a large multi story complex of Go-Go bars and in addition on the ground floor beer bars. Nana used to be an escape from the largely tourist orientated area of Patpong but now if anything Nanaplaza is more the home of Short term tourists than Patpong ever was.

Stand out Bars in Nana include Playskool on the Ground Floor. This bar is outstanding in terms of both service and attitude. Cute girls combined with no bill padding make this one of Nana's best. Hollywood Rocks also on the ground floor is another must visit, the owner Anton is one of Bangkok's crazier bar owners and when he's doing his DJ stint he really gets the girls going.

Moving upstairs G-Spot is one of Bangkok's Super Go-Gos, a huge layout and dozens of girls on stage at any one time.

Soi Cowboy Location Sukhumvit Soi 23 Bts (skytrain) Asoke

Soi Cowboy used to be the expats favorite. Mostly smaller bars and cheaper prices than equivalent Bangkok nightlife areas. Then in recent times some of the bigger nightlife players have moved in. These bars have changed the feel of Cowboy but the die hards have to admit they gave a much needed shot in the arm to an area that was starting to show it's age.

One of the first things you see on entering Soi Cowboy is a huge neon sign showing the location of The Dollhouse. This bar is one of Bangkok's finest, for a lot of people the old Dollhouse in Clinton Plaza was "The" best. Alas The Dollhouse Clinton is now a pile of rubble.

The Dollhouse Cowboy however keeps up the standard set by the Clinton Bar although the layout isn't as good. Catch the owner Darel on one of his party nights and you'll have a night to remember. To see a touch of Dollhouse "subtlety" at it's finest check out their Voyeur booth upstairs.

Suzie Wongs on Cowboy is definitely a Bangkok must. The owners of Playskool in Nana have pulled the same magic in Soi Cowboy and their experience into how to run a good bar shows. This is in no little way due to the Mamasan who is probably the best at her job in Bangkok. Its not easy to be a Mama san who's liked by not only the customers but the girls themselves, this lady seems to pull it off effortlessly.

No guide to Soi Cowboy would be complete without a mention of what is probably the best known Show bar in Bangkok. Longgun.

Longgun bar is a legend in it's own right. At any one time up to around 100 girls are employed, and it's a sure thing that about 50 of them will be drop dead gorgeous. The famous Longgun show is actually a variety of "acts" that goes on for about 2 hours every night. From a routine that will make even such songs as 'Reach for the stars" bearable, to a rock dance strip act that would make you lose all inhibitions in order to spend just 2 hours in the company of one of the dancers.

What makes Soi Cowboy special for a lot of people however are the smaller, more intimate, bars. Bars such as Toy Bar, Jungle Jims and others have a magic all of their own. Maybe they don't boast amazing light shows or bass pumping sound systems but they make up for it in other ways. The girls can get pretty wild after a few Tequilas and sleaze is usually the outcome. Definitely good for a laugh.

Patpong Location Silom Rd or Suriwong Rd Bts (Skytrain) Sala Daeng

Patpong is definitely the daddy of all the Bangkok nightlife areas. It's sad to say in recent years there has been a downturn in the total number of bars with more stores and the such opening.

One of the great things about Patpong is that it has the greatest concentration of Bar Variety in the smallest area. You can literally fall out of a bar containing some of the most stunning looking Thai Bar girls working the scene into a bar that is the epitome of Sleaze.

For good looking girls you can choose from Bars such as Kings Castle 2 or Kings Camelot, then for the height of Sleaze visit such Bangkok Nightlife Legends as The Star of Love or Rosies Bar. Whether you want the illusion of model looks or instant gratification it's all within a few yards.

Patpong gets complaints due to such irritations as the Night market and overly pushy touts but if you can see past these then you can enjoy what is still the number one Bangkok nightlife destination for a lot of people.

bangkok bargirls thai bargirls in the bars and nightlife of thailand

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